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We’d just like to say that in these unprecedented times for the global hospitality industry, we are here to support you. If you’re new to delivery or already offer takeaway food, we want to let you know that, at McCain Foodservice Solutions, we have tips, tricks and ideas to support our partners on delivery. Our common mission is to provide our consumers delicious crispy fries whatever the conditions.

Consumer behaviour during extraordinary times

Right now, we’re dealing with forced closure of services, social distancing and considerable consumer health concerns. This is highly likely to be followed by a period of low consumer confidence, less disposable income and considerable health concerns. Consumers current dining behaviours are shifting which has become a challenge for many operators.

During this time, we’re fighting for every sale – what are some quick ways to keep the money coming in?

  • Reassure your customers
  • Take care of the guests at home
  • Offer delivery
  • Encourage people to buy gift vouchers for cancelled bookings
  • Offer recipe boxes to make your signature dishes at home
  • Help the community by distributing excess stock

Food delivery has seen growth due to these challenges, with many consumers taking full advantage of home delivery due to the need for limited human contact. For many operators who do not historically offer home delivery, now is the time to consider.

Are you thinking about delivery for the first time?

Delivery aggregators such as Deliveroo have introduced non-contact delivery involving dropping food as a specified location or leaving the meal outside the customers door. This reduces the risk of person-to-person transmission.

How does contact-free delivery work??

  1. Ask the consumer if they’d like contact-free delivery and where to leave the food
  2. Inform the customer when the delivery driver is nearby, reminding them of contact-free delivery
  3. When the delivery driver arrives, place the order outside the door or selected safe place
  4. The delivery driver steps back 1 metre away or wait nearby for the customer to collect it

Contact-Free Delivery
Wash your hands

Health and Safety

Safety is at the top of everyone’s list, and even with the unlikeness that the virus can be spread via food packaging it is important to take additional precautions.

  1. Strict use of gloves & masks with food preparation and delivery
  2. Reminding all team members to wash their hands for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes
  3. Constant and routine sanitation of all equipment, surfaces and utensils including door handles
  4. Daily briefings with your wider team. Make sure everyone working is aware of the latest information from the government and that they are adhering to the guidelines.

How to utilize organizational resources and time if there are no or fewer guests –

As an operator, we know you’re likely to have a considerable fixed cost of employment, with staff used to regular working hours. These resources aren’t wasted and can be used help emerge stronger from the challenging times; here are some tips to help management handle this situation:

Utilize resources
  • Plan for the future – develop new recipes, plan improved training, research competitors
  • Build great content – get creative with photography, plan social media and marketing initiatives
  • Spring clean – conduct a deep clean of your site, undertake small maintenance tasks
  • Train the team – do small group training exercises e.g. chefs, teach paperwork processes
  • Build your brand – Reputation is defined during the tough times! Add value to your customers – offer recipes on a blog or do a Facebook live to answer cooking questions

Food outlets within community

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Pubs and restaurants all over Europe are coming up with innovative ways to provide food and alcohol to people in self-isolation during the current challenging times.

Paris restaurants are leading the way in joining together to help the community – here are a few illustrations that may inspire you...

  • Brutos sold their herb-roasted chickens in to-go bags, supplied by nearby cafe Broken Biscuits, who also offered the last of their pastries, milk, granola and coffee.
  • Daroco off-loaded perishable products such as mozzarella, dough, fresh pasta and charcuterie to local customers at discounted prices.
  • Ten Belles Bread was giving away starter to amateur bakers who wanted to try their hand at kneading at home during what many believe will be a stricter quarantine with a nightly curfew once the president readdresses the nation on Monday evening.

We understand these are testing times for us all, and that the hospitality industry has been turned upside down. We remain your partners in these specific times.